Planning Vegetable Garden Layout Raised Beds

This article appears to be a friendly page that will give few tips on planning vegetable garden layout raised beds gardens, plus the tiny plots, container gardening, and other techniques that will help you grow in a less space provided by making your harvest bountiful as well as the garden plot design.

a) Raise Your Beds

Do you know that you can improve the amount of produce in the same garden in as long as it is a raised bed? Yes, because in a raised garden, you can keep weeds from your garden and prevent water run off by controlling soil compaction. Finally, raised beds allows the gardener to concentrate on other small area, while working, watering, weeding, and fertilizing economically.

b) Keep Seedlings Coming & Plant Close Together

Intercropping simply means growing more crops together. This done in order to save space and create a clear succession planting and keeping the garden in a continual production. The moment you harvest a crop, seedlings should be ready for transplantation to replace the uprooted plant close enough so that their leaves may touch each other to shade the ground between them when they are fully mature and keeping weeds down to conserve moisture by eliminating the art of mulching and weeding.

c) Plant Companions, not Competitors to grow up

Most of the time intercropping thrive when their roots occupy a different depth of soil and plant the tallest plants to avoid shading the smaller ones with deep roots that makes good use of space without bringing competition. Similarly, planting heavy feeders with light-feeding reduces the competition regarding soil nutrients. Therefore, the best intercropping companion plants must have demands that complement to each other.

d) Plot it Out

It is by the fact that the good soil with enough sunshine and drainage systems creates the best planning in a vegetable garden layout of a raised beds as a requirement for any successful vegetable garden. It proven that gardens and every gardener are two different identities, but creating a garden tailored to your space, needs a raised bed with an excellent plan to your own garden, don’t hire a Garden Planner but be the Garden Planner yourself.

11 Photos of the Planning Vegetable Garden Layout Raised Beds

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