10 Trips that will Change your Life


Life doesn’t often go according to plan. As someone who moves cities as frequently as she visits the hairdressers, believe me, I know! Over the years I have escaped on a whim. A few times. But instead of thinking about escapism as a negative trait, I think of it as my defining feature. Something doesn’t work out? I run away. Unhappy? I change something. And these are the trips that will change your life. I know, because they changed mine!

Post updated May 2023

The trips that will change your life

Many people think of traveling as simply taking a vacation, a time to rest and relax. However, if done the right way travel can be so much more and offer you long-term benefits you might not have even thought about. Travel allows us to get a fresh perspective and look at life in a different way. It gives us space to get our thoughts together and take in different scenery, different cultures, and a different way of life. Travel can inspire and renew us so that when it is time to return back to regular life we have a newfound motivation and a clear headspace. 

The world is full of so many awe-inspiring destinations that it is hard to pack them all into the length of a month long trip or even a lifetime. Nevertheless, we’ve gathered together ten specific tourist attractions that are sure to impress. 

Grand Canyon

1. Experience the Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is a feat of nature that everyone should have the chance to experience at least once. It’s absolutely breathtaking but also not an expensive trip as far as actual entrance fees. Many recommend staying for three or four days to truly take everything in and visit the many different viewpoints. Only have a day or two to spend? It’s still possible to make the most of a short trip. 

The Kaibab Trail is a great option if you want to maximize your time. It’s not a super long hike but you’ll still get to experience some really great views. 

2. Take a Solo Journey through Europe by Rail

Solo travel is one of the best ways to discover who you are. In what feels like no time at all you discover what you like, what you don’t like and discover a direction and a purpose for your life. Because you are spending time alone with your own thoughts and feelings, your own thoughts become very apparent. You forget to take in other people’s opinions and just listen to your own.

Perhaps the most sense of discovery on a solo journey has been (for me at least) in Europe. Travelling from one country to the next is a great way to discover different cultures, languages, cuisines and meet people from different upbringings. This exposure can help shape your own views on the world and I would highly recommend everyone take a solo journey through Europe by train.

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3. Take in the Excitement of New York, New York

New York, also known as the Big Apple, is perhaps one of the most infamous cities of the United States. It is a bustling city filled with opportunity and art. Take a stroll through Central Park or check out the Statue of Liberty monument. Don’t forget to catch a Broadway show in Times Square.

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4. Hike the Inca Trail 

Are you fascinated by ancient history? This route leading up to Machu Picchu in Peru will be sure to change your life. Located among the Andes mountain range, the destination includes three overlapping trails for you to choose from. These are some of the most popular hiking paths available in South America, as all three were established by the Incas nearly 500 years ago. 

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Fall in love with Italy | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

5. Explore Venice from a Gondola 

The Italian city of Venice is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s filled with beautiful architecture, art and design. You’re also going to find a plethora of tourist attractions here regardless of the time of year you visit. If you’re really looking for a treat, consider experiencing the city via a gondola ride with your significant other. As you slowly make your way through the waters of the beautiful lagoon, you’ll get to take in the scenery which includes some of the most elegant and oldest mansions known to the city. 

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6. Take in the Northern Lights 

The Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis, is a true sight to behold. The best location for viewing is known to be Fairbanks, Alaska and is said to be the most vivid between the months of jaw September to April. Keep in mind that you’re goal for viewing the aurora borealis is to view this gorgeous spectacle on a dark, clear night when it will be the most impressive to the naked eye. What exactly are the Northern Lights? To put it simply, these lights are the after-effects of a collision between electrically charged particles from the sun itself and the Earth’s atmosphere. Yes, you can view photographs of this feat of nature online, however, nothing is quite as impressive as seeing it in real life. 

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Winter in Alberta | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

7. Dogsled in Alberta

Dogsledding may seem like a pretty abnormal sport. However, it’s actually a pretty common form of entertainment in areas like Alberta, Canada. This is a great way to experience firsthand some of the exquisite scenery Alberta has to offer, from the perfect blue skies to a sheet of perfectly untouched powder white snow. Winter in Alberta is one of the most exciting trips to take and there is no shortage of activities on offer. From ski resorts to glacial lakes, there is plenty to discover.

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8. Visit the Holy Land

The city of Jerusalem, located in Israel, is known to be one of the holiest locations on Earth. After all, it is in fact the location where Jesus Christ spent much of his adult life. You don’t necessarily have to be a Christian or a person of faith to appreciate the historic significance of this destination. It is still a sight to behold regardless of faith.  

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Best Things to do in Tahiti | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

9. Discover the Islands of Tahiti

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere where you can relax, lay on the beach, and get a sense of peace. Other times you want to explore mountainous terrains and embark on a journey of discovery. Tahiti is the perfect place to do both with its’ epic mountains and crystal clear water. You’ll fall in love with the slow paced island life and laid back culture. 

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10. Embark on a Safari in Botswana

Botswana offers one of the most authentic safaris in Africa. With a high chance of seeing wildlife during the wet season, most travellers visit the Okavango Delta in flood season. Some of my favourite safari lodges are here in Botswana – including the tented San Camp in the kalahari desert, Nxabega tented camp in the Okavango Delta and perhaps the most luxurious of all, Sandibe lodge.

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